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~ 9/28/06
from my good friend larry fike:

Hmm . . . this is a little puzzling. I'm a member of Concerned Philosophers For Peace and an organization called Philosophical Services where I donate time doing philosophical counseling for free. My mentor, Thomas Pogge, writes book on Global Justice and has traveled to over 50 countries giving lectures and speaking with heads of state about these issues. There's a consortium in New York where professional philosophers at NYU write pieces against unfair practices around the world. I could continue the list, like mentioning the ethicists (philosophers) who sit on the boards of hospitals to ensure that hospital practices are informed by ethical principles, even in very specific cases involving excruciatingly difficult decisions that result in life-and-death decisions. They write books and give talks on war and morality. Many are political activists and start foundations and institutions that are concerned directly with unfair public policies...
And then there's the fact that Noam Chomsky is a member of the American Philosophical Association and, while he does the most sophisticated linguistic work of anyone on the planet, he's also written his 50 books or so on politics.

WE STAND CORRECTED. all apologies.
i make little jokes about serious things to keep from climbing the walls. monet, whom i adore & love & honor & respect, is a philosophy major. she brings it to life when she tells me what she's studying and sometimes i even understand it. i think i'm a stoic seneca with a bit of epicurean thrown in. i think i've got a pneuma in there somewhere.
peace, tq
~ 9/26/06
i came across this quote while researching for my 'untitled memoirs (for sage)'.............."I can read...except for a very big word we sometimes have. Like the word philosopher. Do you know what a philosopher is?'s a man that thinks a lot, but doesn't do anything much about it." annisa jones, 'buffy' on 'family affair' 1967
~ 9/25/06

running on the longhouse coalition platform: impeach bush/cheney for treason. pull out of iraq & afghanistan. rescind the patriot act. reduce defense spending, increase social & environmental spending. suppport the kyoto treaty. support all women's right to choose. create single payer health care. reduce arsenic levels in water. end the death penalty. increase minimum wage. end NAFTA, etc. reform democratic process inc instant run-off elections. open debates between all candidates for president. end deregulation of telecommunications. end bank deregulation. legalize natural substances. return lands to native americans. create a department of peace. end presidential emergency powers. put in place recall mechanism for all federal officeholders. support covenant for peace plan in israel/palestine.

i can't wait to write in carol petersen for congress. jerry lewis, go home!

white buffalo baby
bringing peace to the world
white buffalo baby
singing rock n roll
white buffalo baby
answering the prophecy
in this emergency state
of primal urgency

white buffalo baby
your daddy is praying
even when he doesn't know
what words to be saying
white buffalo baby
the second chance miracle
riding the ferris wheel
down to a carousel

white buffalo baby
where are you hiding?
i close my eyes and i see you
on the great plains riding
your momma behind the wheel
she's doing the driving
white buffalo baby
when will you be arriving?

i woke up to 'hurdy gurdy man' on my itunes this morning.

i rescued a small mouse that was sitting in my bathroom this morning . i wasn't even sure he was alive until i got him in the peanut butter jar. then his little tail started moving. i think maybe he was in shock. cold be the kitty, siren, had tortured hi into stillness. i took him outside and ran the hose by the young peach tree and turned over the jar. the little mouse drank some of the water, ate some peanut butter and ran off, seeming to be just fine.

a few hours later. i went to the laundromat where i bumped into kenny, dana & tracey. dana & tracey were about to drive kenny to town to do some shopping. i said i need to go to town, too, and i need to keep my motor running, having just gotten a jumpstart from fred. why don't we all go in my truck? so, i had to put my seats up in the back to fit everybody.
just when i did, a small rat jumped out of my backseat, brushing against me as he flew out of there. he ran around for a minute, then off across the field. he had been nesting in my truck.

tracey said it meant that somethng bad was leaving my life. then, we went to town. kenny & i went in to big lots and tracey found a cd my friend johnny had sent to me & put it in, to track # 8. it was donovan doing a 'live' version of 'hurdy gurdy man' - with an extra verse by george harrison.

"When the truth gets buried deep, beneath a thousand years of sleep, time demands a turn around, and once again the truth is found".

tracey hadn't heard that verse in 13 years & she was very happy when she realized it was the version where donovan explains the circumstances - it was written while on retreat at mahareshi mahesh yogi's in rishikesh ('four beatles, one beach boy & me'...) - and sings the 'lost' verse.
~ 9/23/06
Bush 'Taken Aback' by Musharraf Comment

White House denies threat to bomb Pakistan `back to the Stone Age'
(wink wink)

NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice met Libya's Foreign Minister on Saturday for the first time since the two sides restored full diplomatic ties and urged Tripoli to resolve outstanding issues linked to the Lockerbie bombing, or 'we'll bomb you back to stone age,' Rice reportedly added.

United Nations (Associated Press)

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez took his verbal battle with the United States to the floor of the UN General Assembly on Wednesday, calling US President George W Bush "the devil" and denouncing what he said was US imperialism.

"I'm just not going to comment on this because his remarks just don't warrant a response," Ambassador John Bolton said. "Serious people can listen to what he had to say and if they do they will reject it...or else we can always bomb them back to the stone age."

A recent New York Times/CBS poll reveals among other things that nearly one-third of Americans still believe that former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was personally involved in the 9/11 terror attacks. 'Bomb them all back to stone age,' said 32%.

32% of those polled claimed to have never said 'bomb them all back to stone age' and said they were 'taken aback' by such assertions.


i live in the third world of america but i dream of a fourth possibilty.
~ 9/22/06
9/11 x 2 = 5947

2,973 american deaths on 9/11
2,974 american deaths in the 'war on terror'

nobody wins
~ 9/17/06
JONATHAN STORM, sage's godfather
is with god. i met him five years ago, when he & monet would travel to the beatnik in joshua tree from palm springs to express their beauty through music. he was the first person i ever heard sing leonard cohen's song, "hallelujah." he was warm, intelligent & loving, with a clear, strong voice and a wicked sense of humor. case in point, this blog he posted a year ago, entitled "A Woman I Saw":
"Today I saw a woman who I would deem to be atractive, but not in a conventional way. She had arms, legs and a face.......but neither of them were in the right places."
after the transition, monet says, jonathan smiled.
tony mason. digital d and i played some psychedelic ambient space rock at the beatnik - where i met jon & monet - while jon made his way. i was singing to tony & dana's dreamy guitars, improvising 'feel, the love around you. feel, the love inside you. feel, the love beside you.' a few people said it reminded them of early, ummagumma-era pink floyd, which made me happy since that's monet's favorite band. later, nohelle & claire sang sarah mclachlan's 'on the wings of an angel,' a capella, in soaring angel harmony...

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