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"quinn is a word-sorcerer -- part travelling minstrel, part love child and part guerilla warrior..who composes love songs of rebellion ... absolutely definitive, blunt, biting and brutal social statements. it seems a brilliant, although divinely uncalculated, ploy to use the love song as a vehicle for social condemnation...the expansion of the personal and political to the spiritual..."
- venice magazine

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01 walking on a river
02 i dream of sleeping (peacefully)
03 you sleep so deeply (i just can't wake you up)
04 love on
05 power struggle
06 perfe tworld
07 only so many heartbeats
08 rain of love
09 crossing the river
10 sunday (home)
11 mars is near

written and produced by ted quinn
at rancho de la luna
joshua tree california
elia arce, bill bizeau, sue bradley, carlos de la fuente, digital dna,
fred drake, jeremy gilien,
michael kleinschmidt, tony mason, kevin sanders, victoria williams,
ray woods.


this music is free. a booklet, "years of the dog", containing the lyrics, stories, paintings and photos
is available for $7. shipping is $3 u.s. / $6 international
please send check or money order to: ted quinn * po box 912 * joshua tree, ca 92252