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~ 2/26/05
"I imagine a perfect world where images are painted with words better than any color has ever done. Where these paintings are flowing through the air I breathe by the most beautiful and original melodies I have ever heard.
Where a constant voice is supported by itself and commands you to hear the pictures you've already been staring at. Where music is not only the frame of the picture, but is part of the whole image. Where you are moved while
sitting still on a chair. Where a single listen to a single work can change any idea you've ever had. I imagine this perfect world and Ted Quinn has created it with 'Dog Years'." Kevin Stetz

i'm looking forward to getting 'dog years' out there. it's my follow-up to 'help wanted' and was again recorded at rancho de la luna, with performers/players including elia arce, didgital d, fred drake*, jeremy gilien, tony mason.

*some of the tracks were started around the same time as 'help wanted' and feature the great fred drake on drums and backing vocals. elia arce lends her dreamy, childlike voice to 'i dream of sleeping.' the lyrics to 'sunday (home)' were taken from a taoist initiation ceremony held at the rancho. michael k plays some twisted accordion on 'she sleeps so deeply' and neighbor mabel albright plays some piano on 'walking on a river.' the album was mastered by billy bizeau before the spiders began their attack.

also,i'm working on an album called 'cover your friends,' right here at nomadhouse, which is comprised of cover versions of songs written by friends like sue bradley and many others.

the follow-up to the follow-up is halfway finished, so look for two new albums this year, along with a few other MAJOR events.

'dog years' is in memory of sabu, gothic harris, kyoti king and duke, former head of security at the rancho.

looking forward to a great year, full of festivals, births and always, lots of music.

turn on and tune in to 'peacenik at the beatnik' ( fridays 9pm pst.)

love on,
~ 2/22/05
The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There's also a negative side." -- Hunter S. Thompson

here's to the good doctor.

we will miss his sharp eye for bullshit and his briliant tongue in service of truth.

spent the inauguration in washington dc , pall-bearing a flag draped coffin through the streets, lack of news coverage notwithstanding. thanks to sol y soul (quique, hillary, yael, et al.) for bringing me there to the nation's capital and treating me so well. i loved playing and getting to hang with the street theatre band as well as the poets of spoken resistance.

nomadhouse is busy these days. i just finished producing kevin stetz' incredible debut album 'songs for oxygen'. he was a joy to work with, intense, focused and sure-footed, armed with insanely good hooks and deep, insightful lyrics, harmonies and one-note leads. all the good stuff. listening back, outside by the trailer the other day between raindrops, i was so happy to have worked with such a promising young songwriter at the start of his career.

i'm finishing a bunch of tunes for a second and third follow up to 'help wanted'-'dog years' and 'untitled' - as well as an album, 'cover your friends' where i'm covering songs of my friends.

speaking of covering friends, look for a tribute to peter case album, to benefit homeless, featuring a victoria williams track 'drunkards harmony,' which we did here at nomadhouse, too, with tom freund, bingo, bill maresh and clive wright sitting in.

the other news is so big i'd rather tell you in person.

ted 866-374-4236 or

love on.

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