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~ 12/25/03


Fred Drake se trasladó desde Los Angeles a Joshua Tree en 1993. Antes de su retiro en el desierto californiano había grabado, girado y trabajado con bandas como Earthlings?, Wool, Queens of the Stone Age, Telekin, House of Love, Ressurrection, etc. El 20 de Junio del 2002 Drake murió en su hogar. Este es su testamento musical, un compendio de extraordinarias y preciosas canciones que te llevan directamente al desierto. 30 EUR 11.00

Ted Quinn es un cantante, compositor y activista cultural de Joshua Tree, California. Este disco ha sido grabado de forma totalmente analógica en el estudio Rancho de la Luna y conjuga Psicodelía, Folk y Pop con temas personales y sociales de forma poética y profunda. En definitiva, 67 hermosos minutos de amor y desamor, desesperación y redención. 30 EUR 11.00

Enano Pio-Man

Munster Records
Apdo. 18107, 28080 Madrid
Tel. 91 531 36 09; Fax. 91 522 28 57
~ 12/12/03
(wow! i just got the nicest early holiday gift. a great review of Help Wanted!!)

desert post WEEKLY december 11, 2003

MUSIC: Joshua Tree musician brings cool back to life with new CD (page 25)

Rebirth of 'cool' can be heard on Joshua Tree singer's CD

"This is a time of grieving, angel
This is a time of mourning, stranger
For the righteous and the holy fool
This is a time of leaving, brother
A time of no warning each other
This must be the death of cool"
-Death of Cool, Ted Quinn

by Steve Brown

Dec. 8, 1980, the day John Lennon was killed, seemed to be the death of cool. With his blood pooling on the cold New York sidewalk, Lennon's death was a mortal wound viciously inflicted upon the soul of modern music.
What was 'cool' about this music marched on stoically into the corporate meat grinder of commercial pop. From manufactured stars and Clear Channel's fascist control to shallow, vulgar songs meant only to sell quickly and be forgotten, cool was nowhere to be found.
But somehow, a whisper of Lennon's soul has blown on the dusty desert wind into the town of Joshua Tree, where it has taken quiet, cool root deep in the soul of singer/songwriter Ted Quinn.
In Help Wanted, Quinn explores issues of the world and the heart with depth and tenderness. "La Porte" chronicles his childhood roots, combining them with dreams and a question: "I wonder where I would be today, if my folks had decided to stay in La Porte, Indiana?"
Then Quinn recalls the "Death of Cool," concluding that gently sung anthem with a glimmer of hope, "Maybe from this time of crisis, like a lotus the future rises, from the ashes of the death of cool."
In "29 Palms," written for a Marine widow, Quinn's passion for peace emerges. Not one to preach, Quinn questions instead. Throughout the song, the sound of helicopters conjure up images of women and children alone, "She was just a child herself, with a child beneath her belt, now she's stuck without the only friend she had." The song ends asking, "where are all those helicopters now? How much do they cost? Are they worth more than they lost? How does anyone ever win a war anyhow?"
Help Wanted is full of gems.
From Hamilton Camp's "Pride of Man," to "Billions & Billions" and "If U Do," Quinn merges psychedelic, folk and pop music with personal and political lyrics. He has progressed far beyond the singer/songwriter trap of incessantly writing only about himself. In Quinn's world, there's room for everybody.
This CD is an excellent example of Quinn's far-reaching talent, extending out with love, subtlety and hope through all that obstructs - to find what really matters. Help Wanted connects and provokes, is deep and strong, yet vulnerable. It proves that cool. like the lotus, has risen from the ashes.

(i plead with the universe to make me worthy of this incredible challenge and faith. love on, tq)
~ 12/10/03
"QUIETLY INTENSE, A MASTERFUL PERFORMANCE" said Linda Carmela Sibio, about the Dec.7 show. Thank you, Linda.
~ 12/8/03
thanks to carol ann, dana, ray and victoria for playing with me last night at the high desert playhouse for shawn mafia and shanghai steve brown's xmas benefit for tender loving christmas. it was fun playing to the packed little theatre. songs we did: "i dreamed i saw john lennon," "thirst for god," "orange sunshine," "tolerance" and "never be cold."

today is 24 years since the murder of john lennon. i still miss him and wonder what might have been. i'm so glad to have been alive to witness his presence here.

maybe some 24 year old out there is getting ready to resume the fine work...
~ 12/5/03
letters which keep us going 2:


jada again

wow !
i haven't been on such a head-trip since i discovered LENNON !

i've been reading your lyics..i love cryptic lyrics...i was wondering if you have any explanations for your songs
i don't want you to go to much trouble for this...maby just a short explanation for each one
i'd like to post the explanations on my "artist links" page , i could not find explanations at your
website.....perhaps you prefer not to give explanations, each person have thier own interpretation...
it's up to you...i won't be offended either way......i'm pretty laid back

these are the songs i'm most interested in playing

i think i get "la porte"'s kind of a "wonder what life would have been like if..." kinda song

death of cool,
i'm not sure but i think you're talkin g about how we need to think for ourselves
and i can really relate to your comment about the brain police
i remember when i was a little girl, i was told to do something i did not really want to do
but i did it anyway.....but not without first making this statement --"ok...but you're NOT the BOSS of MY MIND !"
i think this song has something to do with nationalism, perhaps war,
and the fine line between pride in your country and blind tolerance to things that are wrong about your country
feel free to correct me , i won't be insulted, i'm kinda young and thick in the head

tar beach
i really have no idea
it almost sounds like a reference to "9-11" or post war ruins in general
i could be way off

29 psalms
this seems like you are questioning many things about war in does not seem that you
are protesting it all does not seem you are speaking disrespectfully about
soldiers in general...just seems yo u are sad and distraught that war is a fact of life
what i can't figure out is if it is one specific war you speak of or just war in general

don't shoot
seems like you are saying
don't be afraid to express your opinion about what is going on in the world
and not to let acts of 'terrorism' keep you from living life as usual

pride of man
not seems to be about so many things

billions and billions
this seems to be about the woes of those who protest government

apocolypse no
i'm really not sure

sky cathedral
not sure

if that's what you wanted
not a clue!

i'm not the sort of person who has to understand every lyric of a song to justify listening to it
needless to say, i don't attend songwriter's association meetings anymore !
i'm just curious about these songs.

whenever you get time
no rush
~ 12/2/03
letters which keep us going:

I'm a friend of Adriene's and recently spent time with Martha and Elia.
Please let Elia know I am sorry I didn't make her 13th performance. My huge loss. Work is running my life at the moment.
Anyway, Elia kindly gave me a copy of Help Wanted. I
was in Jtree a couple of weeks ago and left you money for it at the
Beatnik. I get more and more out of your work everytime I listen. Thank you for your gifts. I DJ at a local (read tiny) radio station and hope to promote your album there. It's too beautiful not to share with the world.
You are also inspiring me to work harder on my guitars. I recently wiped out on my scooter and broke my hand-- so that F chord is really great physical therapy!
... and yes, people do read your website. It makes me feel like I'm back in the desert. I was never really a part of your family down there, but heard much from Adriene. After nine years it was hard to leave, but I still own a house there, and will be back someday.
Peace & Rapture--
Jane Rodgers, Vegetation Management
Point Reyes National Seashore

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