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~ 6/28/04
dear friends-
so sorry about the short notice. this is a last minute change in location..

the michael moore worldwide chat discussion and slide show tonight at the beatnik cafe in joshua tree (7pm sharp) replaces an event originally scheduled for the home of pete & brenda in morongo valley.

beatnik cafe joshua tree (760) 366-2090 (between park blvd and hallee road/the post office on the south side of the highway. )

if you are one of the 30 registered participants for morongo or would just like to join us anyway (if you have seen Fahrenheit 11 you'll definitely want to be there, and if you haven't yet, YOU WILL, because it's so important for the future of our country and our world..)
go to
to sign up so we can all be counted!!

this time let's make it an indisputable & theft-proof landslide and end this neo-con nightmare once and for all!!!

(for more, if you like, see

love on,

(i apologise if anyone is offended by the use of the word 'fuck' by our vice president. it's just a word, after all. i know you can't say it on tv or the radio but if the vice president wants to use it in debate, go for it, dick. but i must confess that, after some fact checking , i found some errors in the piece below. one, dick cheney told patrick leahy to 'go fuck yourself,' and not , as i originally wrote, 'fuck off.' so even my title should be changed, but for now...WHEREVER I HAVE WRITTEN *'FUCK OFF' please substitute with 'go fuck yourself.' thank you!!)

(while U.S. hands over 'sovereignty' in secret ceremony under cover of michael moore)

God Bless Michael Moore! God Bless America! Fahrenheit 9/11 is Igniting a Torch under America's sleeping ass. Record numbers saw what I saw on Friday. In Mark's van and Vic's truck, Elia, Billy, Hutch, John Lee, Jason and I headed down the hill and braved the heat of Palm Springs ( a very Republican place) for the 1:30 pm show. We were twenty minutes early and there were only a few people in line. Disappointed, I asked the ticket-taker if this was normal for an opening Friday afternoon. "No way. It's packed in there."

We got seats right near the screen and proceeded to be blown away. The chilling opening ("Was it all a bad dream?") reviewing the stolen election brought gasps and tears. I had a thought last night (haven't stopped thinking about the movie since leaving the theatre) that this film could be the thing to give us hope again.

It makes me think of the Beatles arrival three months after JFK was killed. Something had to snap people out of their terrible grief and wake them up to action.

The right wing coup that was the 2000 election, the energy companies ripping us off, 9/11 and the ensuing lies, the wars, the tortures, beheadings, all have felt like repeated kicks to the chest. Michael Moore, by putting it all together (which should have been done all along by journalists in the media) has given everyone who smelled a rat a fresh breath of invigorating air. Apparently the film did as well this weekend in very conservative places, Crawford, Texas, the home of the Bush Ranch, for example, as it did in Cambridge and Berkeley.

Tonight, reading about the record-breaking opening for "Fahrenheit 9/11," I went to mainstream and underground media outlets. It's headline news, well, almost. The headline tonight is that Undersecretary of Defense Paul Bremer (in the film you can see him lick his comb, then comb his hair, then lick it again! FACT CHECK UPDATE: IT WAS 'PAUL , THE CUTE ONE' WOLFOWITZ IN THAT MEMORABLE SCENE) has handed over 'sovereignty' in a 'surprise move' two days ahead of the June 30 'handover' date.

President Bush had been scheduled to be at the ceremont originally. He's very nearby in Turkey, where the people told him to *fuck off - even the Irish told him to *fuck off the other day - but it's not safe for him to go the land he 'liberated.' Meanwhile, Dick Cheney is still feeling much better after telling Senator Patrick Leahy to *'fuck off' in the Capitol last week in what he called 'a floor debate.' That's not very nice talk. Imagine if Gore had told, say, Henry Hyde to *'fuck off.' (I would have felt better!)

If you haven't seen 'Fahrenheit 9/11,' you will. You've got to. Nobody who has seen it will let you get away with not seeing it. It's too important. Our times, if one cares to a part of them and not just a victim of them, demand it.
~ 6/12/04
"My name is Carlos Moysi and I work with Jordi Meya &
Dani García at Rock Sound Spain. I take care of the sampler. As Dani
mentioned to you, we would like to include 'Tar Beach' from your awesome Help
Wanted album in our sampler. I personally think it1s one of the best pieces of work I have heard for a very, very long time. Congratulations! I hope you come out with something as good very soon.

Please find attached the standard agreement we use
in these occasions.
Kindest regards
Carlos C.-Moysi

ARTIST: Ted Quinn
TITLE: Tar Beach
AUTHORS: Ted Quinn 
For July – August’04 issue Ixo Publishing Ibérica S.L.
will manufacture 27.000 copies of the sampler, with
the RSCDE#0675 serial number, which will be enclosed
together with the mentioned above issue.

This CD sampler will mention the following:
“Promotional CD enclosed with rock sound’s issue. Not
for sale”. And will be only available with the
magazine and as long as this issue is on sale."
what a week. venus transitting the sun...recorded, mastered (billy) & made video (blake) for 'my sister's getting married' (debuting saturday june 12 @ the beatnik and june 13 at deb & rebecca's wedding - provided fed ex pulls it off tomorrow). meanwhile, chuckwalla party with blake video/slide show, dave c's birthday dinner, a phone interview wih dani garcia at rock sound spain (they're putting 'tar beach' om their summer sampler cd)..offered a job hosting a local music radio show...invited to washington dc to perform in october...and the long national nightmare of ronald reagan is buried...more later, must sleep...

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