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~ 7/31/04

playlist for peacenik at the beatnik radio show

fred drake - all around the world (2002)
our theme, a previously unreleased song, is becoming ahit, with listeners asking where they can get this on a fred cd. a new fred ambient cd, the sky party, comes out in the fall. presently, his second album, twice shy, released 9/11/01, is available through and, as well as through more fred albums will be released over time.

10 tibetan monksfrom drepung loseling monastery- sacred tibetan chant (1992)

barking pupfish - forever (2003)
joe cocker - give peace a chance (1970)
from 'mad dogs & englishmen', featuring leon russell, drummer jims gordon & keltner, chris stainton, don preston, bobby keys & rita coolidge.

john lennon - power to the people (1971)
i saw a picture the other night of johns kerry & lennon, from around this time. he's getting my vote.

creekdippers- poor gw (2004)
mark olsen's political manifest album is great
cutting, comical folk music about this moment in

david bowie - fashion (1980)
'we are the goon squad and we're coming to town...' is bowie singing 'fa-fa-fa-fascism' , dressed up in a dance song?

gil scott heron - the revolution will not be televised
(1970) nor will it go better with coke. the genius inventor of hip-hop and rap music is, obviously, a black man.

bob dylan - it's alright ma (i'm only bleeding) (1965)
'even the president of the united states must sometimes have to stand naked' got standing ovations
when dylan toured in 1974, the summer of nixon's resignation. today, would people throw drinks? would dylan be escorted off the property like linda?

paul newman - plastic jesus (1967)
from the film, 'cool hand luke.' if you've never seen it, please do right now.

bob dylan - things have changed (2000)
an amazing dylan song that he decided to put in the film, ‘the wonder boys,’ rather than on one of his great recent albums, for reasons known only to him.

neil young - ambulance blues (1974)
a rambling masterpiece from the album 'on the beach,' misunderstood in its time, finally getting
appreciation as one of his greatest. on the cover, neil stands on the beach. holding a newspaper which reads 'senator buckley calls on nixon to resign'. 'i never knew a man could tell so many lies...'

radiohead - a reminder (1998)
from 'airbag/how am i driving?' ep. this is one of mark zero's favorite bands (and mine , too. this was the last band fred fell in love with and he played them for

mark zero- baby bottle (2003)
mark zero was born mark langille. yesterday was his
birthday. this little set is for him.

john lennon- beautiful boy (1980)
the unproduced demo, from the john lennon anthology box. i think mark zero is a huge lennon fan, too.

radiohead - we suck young blood (2003)
from the aptly titled 'hail to the thief.'

mark zero- love around (2003)
send him a happy birthday greeting at

john lennon- real love (1975)
the cassette version that ended up being augmented by the then surviving beatles for what would be their final single in the late 90s.

LIVE PERFORMANCE BY shamanic practitioner/folksinger STEVIE BARSOTTI

elia arce - let it rain (2003)
a reading of her pre-war poem by the international
performance artist fred drake called 'angel.'

tony mason - as the crow flies (2003)
from his first solo album, 'individuals and boundaries'.the legendary underground producer/engineer from rancho de la luna, mason says he recorded this song on a 4 track cassette. i don't know if i'm supposed to say that. tony's new Rock with a capital 'r' album is in the works, at his home and at rancho de la luna.

mark zero- love around (2003)
i played it again because i like it. don’tyou?

things that fly - in the empty cathedral (2004)
the wonderfully inspired, prolific young songwriter, kevin stetz.

bingo & michael hurley - (ghost woman blues) (2003)
bingo, who enjoys this desert as his home part of the time, with his friend, this legend of the great northwest.

future shape of sound - space aged out (2004)
our friend in england, alex mcgowan's (the starseeds) new project.

sugarbitch - revolution eventually (2004)
this new band from venice was great at the chuckwalla festival. we'll have them on 'live' soon, i'm hoping.

yoko ono- yang yang (1971)
the revolutionary and influential artist/activist from her 'fly' album.

tony mason - untitled (2000)
an excerpt from the soundtrack for elia arce's 'first woman on the moon.'

kristen hersh - gazebo tree (2001)
from a live cd i got from ex- throwing muses kristen's husband billy in new york in 2001. we miss having them as neighbors in the tree.

bob forrest & the melrose hillbillies - last move for me (1993)
‘keep on the sunny side’is a tribute to the carter family. this track was recorded by fred at dominion sound in hollywood. hey, come to think of it, i miss seeing bob around the beatnik, too.

emmy lou harris - black hawk (1995)
a daniel lanois song from the lanois-produced 'wrecking ball.'

sly & the family stone - if u want me to stay (1973)

earthlings? - nothing (1998)
from the first album, pete, dave & fred...

mark lanegan - sleep with me (2004)
chris goss-produced recording from rancho de la luna.

frank zappa - i am the walrus (1998)
a live demolition of the beatles classic.

fred drake - all around the world (2002)
our closing theme.

please write to me at or post your thoughts at for listening. peace n noise. ted

~ 7/30/04
thanks to everyone listening to peacenik at the beatnik. it's been a crazy busy couple of weeks and i apologise for running a little behind. tonight's show will be great! (guest artist shamanic folkie stevie barsotti) at


> hello mike, ted, bira & all-
> just curious if there's any plan to list the
> musicians
> we hear on beatnik radio...? Or is it already
> happening & i'm missing it...
> keep up the great work!
> thanks sunny -=0=-



~ 7/13/04
The launch of the Beatnik Cafe internet 'radio station' went great. The cafe was filled with all the stars of Joshua Tree, including Elia Arce, Victoria Williams, Linda Sibio & Jessica Rabbit (after her show with Gram Rabbit at the Playhouse.) Rumors that Keith Richard would materialize never panned out, but we had listeners as far away as Melburne, in Tehran, New York City, Chicago, Silverlake and Tujunga!!! (Especially nice getting an MP3 of Penny's voice all the way from Australia!) Blake showed dozens of his spots for the show. I'll host Peacenik at the Beatnik every Friday night beginning this week (July 16) at 9pm PST. This week's musical guest is Tal Hurley. Here's what we played for the first show:

PLAYLIST 7/10/04

first set
1. Fred Drake - All Around the World (2001)
With Earthlings? partner Dave Catching, playing guitar
here, Fred's Rancho de la Luna brought the music of
Joshua Tree into the 21st century. Fred was a utopian
peacenik at heart, even if he did love all the Marines
who adopted him as their eccentric uncle.

2. Donovan - Hurdy Gurdy Man (1968)
3. Donovan - Atlantis (1969)
4. Donovan - Barabajagal (1969)
Donovan moved to Joshua Tree shortly after recording
these classics, one of the first known pop stars to
opt for the peace of the desert over the madness of
the music scene in L.A. Hail Atlantis!

5. Eric Burdon & The Animals - Sky Pilot (1968)
The great English blues man turned psychedelic protest
singer is often seen riding his Harley through this
desert that he calls home.

6. U2 - Mothers of the Disappeared (1987)
7. U2 - Exit (1987)
This Irish band found inspiration for their great
Daniel Lanois-produced "Joshua Tree" album where the
streets have no name.

8. Patti Smith - Notes to the Future (2000)
9. Patti Smith - People Have the Power (1996)
Patti's inspiring poem , recorded "live" at the turn of the century and her classic collaboration with late husband Fred Sonic Smith (MC5.)

10. XTC - Here Comes President Kill Again (1989)
From 'Oranges & Lemons'.

11. Jimi Hendrix - Star Spangled Banner (1969)
An alternate take of what Mick Jagger called the "finest piece of political theatre in the 1960's"

12. Laura Nyro - Save the Country (1969)
The late great singer/songwriter, from "Christmas & the Beads of Sweat."

13. David Byrne/Brian Eno - America is Waiting (1981)
From "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts."

14. George Harrison - Brainwashed (2003)
Title track from the final work by the Satirical & Spiritual Beatle.

15. Vedic - Maha Mantra (2002)
Microvishnu Orchestra leader Bira's previous incarnation.

2nd set

1. Bloody Dave – First Poem (2003)
("I wouldn’t even feel comfortable reading what I
wrote if I was anywhere but here at the Beatnik."
Using a pseudonym, this young
marine-turned-conscientious-objector recites a poem
about getting an honorable discharge after telling
his officers he’s been hearing voices. The "voices"
turn out to be the voices of reason. The occasion was
the national day of poetry against the war in 2003.)

2. Eric Watkins – World War 3 (2003)

(Eric asked me for some lyrics from when I was his
age, 17 at the time. I gave him some old books and he
found this one. I guess the concerns of a 17 year old
haven’t changed much since 1976)

"Don’t want to die in world war 3
If you’ve been planning on one
Please don’t invite me...
I don’t hate them whoever ‘they’ are…"

3. Ted Quinn – 29 Palms (2003)
This is an electric version of the song from my
album, "Help Wanted," written for the marine widows
just down the highway from Joshua Tree.

4. Outrage – I Can See for Miles (2004)
This band from Nagoya,Japan spent part of the winter
with us at the Rancho, recording their album, "Cause
for Pause." Here they are singing The Who classic,
phonetically. They were blown away by the endless view
from the Rancho.

5. The Earthlings? – Moons Over Millenium (2000)
From the second album, "Human Beans." The original
line-up of Pete Stahl, Dave Catching and Fred Drake,
with violinist Petra Haden.

6. Mark Lanegan – Praying Ground (1998)
From the first solo album of the Screaming Trees
singer, recorded at the Rancho. Mark keeps coming back,
most recently with Gregg Dulli (Twilight Gods,
ex-Afghan Whigs.)

7. Creekdippers – Coming, Coming (2004)
Local/international drummer Ray Woods’ sweet soulful voice singing gospel a capella, from "Political Manifest."

8. Creekdippers – My Father Knows His Foes (2004)
Victoria Willams gospel turn from the above album.

9./ 10 Creekdippers – Portrait of a Sick America
- The End of the Highway (2004)
Politicized and fired up, Mark Olsen delivers his surprising & funny manifest.

"LIVE" set by Hooman Fazly 7/10/04
accompanying himself on the tar and on guitar.
1. Intro for Mahour
2. 7 Beat in Chahar-aah
3. Pain & Remedy
4. In My Mind, In My Heart

set 3

1. donkeys

2. Kyoti King – Good Time (1997)
Joshua Tree’s King passed along in April, 2003,
leaving a lot of friends and some incredibly joyful
music. His generous heart always had a smile and smoke
to light up a room.

3. Sue Bradley with Elia Arce – Crazy Under Control
Local chanteuse/songwriter/actor Bradley with
performance artist Elia Arce, feeling a little crazy
one night at the Beatnik.

4. Elia Arce – Summertime (2000)
One night, when the High Desert Playhouse dropped its
policy of banning "controversial" work, Arce,
joined by Fred Drake and Joe City Garcia on guitars,
performed her least spoken/music piece,
"Unchanging Evidence of Identity." They won’t let her
do her new piece, "The Fifth Commandemnt" in our local
community theatre. (Maybe the Commandment itself (Thou
Shalt Not Kill) is what’s ‘controversial’ in the
conservative, religious and military subculture that
co-exists with the artists, seekers and nature-lovers

4. Bingo- Salvar O Fallon (2003)
Bingo is in Portland for a few months this summer so
we’ll have to make do with his latest great album,
"Cicada," until he comes back to his home in the desert.

5. Ruben Martinez - Marea Alta (2003)
This poet/journalist/author/songwriter from Silverlake
spent the better part of the past seven years in
Joshua Tree, between travels. Recorded by Billy at the
Rancho with Joe Garcia as musical director.

6. Tony Mason - Of This World (2002)
From Rancho producer/engineer Mason's first solo album
"Individuals & Boundaries."

7. Orquesta del Desierto - Alicia's Song (2002)
Earthlings? Pete Stahl's other desert project with
Joshua Tree resident Dandy Brown.

8. Gram Rabbit - Cowboys & Aliens (2002)
From the now rare classic "Desert Variety Show," the local favorite to gain interplanetary cult status.

9. Concrete Blonde - Ghost Riders in the Sky (2004)
Some of our newest neighbors to arrive from
Silverlake, this classic cover from their inspired new
album, "Mojave."

10. Things that Fly – Except You & I (2004)
Local songwriter Kevin Stetz is a nice new discovery
around town. Part of the Jasmine Little Young Desert
Bohemians, proving that not all people who grow up
here can’t wait to leave.

11. Shawn Mafia & The 10 Cent Thrills - Take This Fire (2002)
The bard huckster of the high desert, from the debut album recorded at the Rancho.

12. Ted Quinn & Village – If U Do (2002)
Another terrible recent loss is that of Gothic
Harris, whose angelic voice and pitch-perfect memory
of thousands of great songs is missed. (He did an
astounding "In the Court of the Crimson King" at Water
Canyon for my birthday in 1998.) We did this one
Sunday morning in April at our friend Jeremy Gilien’s
Cottage Southend studio in L.A. (with jeremy playing
nylon string.)

13. Mark Langille – Cave Dweller (2003)
This man paints ancient-modern art , plays guitar all
night, induce trances with his throat singing and
didgeridoo. He also sings great John
Lennon/Radiohead-inspired songs like this one.

13. Harry Dean Stanton- Closer Walk With Thee
Brando's Mulholland Drive buddy, from one of my favorite films, "Cool Hand Luke."

13. Really Shooo – Flyin’ On a Cannon (2004)
This wonderful pair of oddballs first played in Joshua
Tree at this years Chuckwalla Festival. A very nice

14. The Byrds – I am a Pilgrim (1968)
15. The Byrds – One Hundred Years From This Day (1968)
Inspired by the desert, Gram Parsons would influnce a
genre of music, first heard on "Sweetheart of the
Rodeo," before putting Joshua Tree on the map
for the dubious distinction of being the place of his
untimely departure.
~ 7/10/04
hey you-

i'm doing an internet radio show : "peacenik at the beatnik," where we'll be doing a combination of 'live' music, rancho and other locally recorded music - and archival recordings from the beatnik. i start with a kick-off TONIGHT on sat. july 10 (9pm-12m pst) and begin weekly webcasts on friday august 6 (continuing every friday) - also from 9pm to midnight (pst.)

the kick-off show on the 10th will feature an appearance by
iranian singer hooman fatzl and other special guests.

also, the film that blake brousseau made for my song: "my sister's getting married" can now be viewed at
just click below the painting of negra.
please join us around the computer and
all around the world...



Amsterdam - Sun 6:00 AM
Barcelona - Sun 6:00 AM
Beijing - Sun Noon
Beirut - Sun 7:00 AM
Berlin - Sun 6:00 AM
Bogota - Sat 11:00 PM
Boston - Sun Midnight
Brisbane - Sun 2:00 PM
Buenos Aires - Sun 1:00 AM
Cairo - Sun 7:00 AM
Chicago - Sat 11:00 PM
Dublin - Sun 5:00 AM
Geneva - Sun 6:00 AM
Havana - Sun Midnight
Houston - Sat 11:00 PM
Istanbul - Sun 7:00 AM
Jerusalem - Sun 7:00 AM
Kabul - Sun 8:30 AM
Kathmandu - Sun 9:45 AM
La Porte- Sat 11:00 PM
London - Sun 5:00 AM
Marrakesh - Sun 4:00 AM
Mexico City - Sat 11:00 PM
Moscow - Sun 8:00 AM
Nagoya - Sun 1:00 PM
New York City - Sun Midnight
Paris - Sun 6:00 AM
Prague - Sun 6:00 AM
Rio de Janeiro Sun - 1:00 AM
Santo Domingo Heredia -Sat. 11:00 PM
Seoul Sun -1:00 PM
Shanghai - Sun Noon
Stockholm - Sun 6:00 AM
Sydney - Sun 2:00 PM
Tehran - Sun 8:30 AM
Zagreb - Sun 6:00 AM


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